Thursday, April 9, 2009

Olive Ridley Protection should not be become the reason of Terrorism in Orissa

Olive Ridley Protection should not be become the reason of Terrorism in Orissa
( News in Oriya daily “The Samaj” dt 27th Feb 2009)

Cuttack:- After the attacks of Mumbai by Pakistan based terrorists through the sea route, the entire administration of the country is busy in guarding the west coast of the country to prevent further attacks. But as per sources, now the terrorists are planning to attack critical civil and defense installations in upcoming states like that of Orissa. They know that the administration will completely taken off-guard by these attacks. But these organizations are using a different methodology to fool the administration.

It is well known that certain national and international NGOs like Greenpeace, Wild Life Protection Society, and Sanctuary Asia along with some local NGOs are working for conservation of Olive Ridley Turtles in the Orissa coast spreading from Dhamra River mouth of Northern Orissa to Rusikulya River Mouth. These organizations hire volunteers to move across the sea in the above area in the name of protection of sea turtles. Since the turtle mating and nesting season has started, these organizations will very shortly start their activities. In the process they will also try to demonstrate in their own innovative methods. To get more publicity they will also oppose ongoing dredging operations in Dhamra , Paradip and Goplapur port. Being fully aware that the government and other statutory institutions will take it as another environmental demonstration, the terrorist organizations have infiltrated their cadres into these environment organizations. These committed cadres of the terrorist organizations will also participate in the environment demonstrations. But with the available of a slightest opportunity, they will attack critical installations of Orissa coast. Some of the installations targeted are DRDO at Dhamra, Paradip Port and upcoming ports at Dhamra and Gopalpur and Reliance Oil wells. Even some of the cadres may sneak into into the land areas through the Mangrove forests and stay on further in the Mangrove forests in Bhitarakanika Mangrove forest to create further civilian casualties.

Now is the time for government, defense organizations and coast guard to step up their security and track and monitor each and every sea movement from Chandipur to Gopalpur of Orissa coast or who knows another Mumbai tragedy can happen in Orissa in near future due to environmental organizations like Greenpeace and others.

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