Thursday, April 9, 2009

Greenpeace fears thousands of tribals in losing employment and livelihood

Greenpeace fears thousands of tribals in losing their future employment and livelihood.


  1. Environmental issues are often brushed off as a matter of taste: some people relish a thriving economy, while others prefer protecting obscure little animals on inconsequential wetlands.TATA and the dpcl have assured that the safety of the turtles and their aribadda,i dont know why green peace is making so much fuss about the dhamra port,they should know that human values is as important as turtles , i sincerly support the dhambra project,

  2. The two false premises, this, the "finite resource" and, the "pristine nature" from your 'Climate Change Delusion', when taught to an individual with an altruistic moral code, will cause an evasion or result in mental problems in the person who tries to apply principles to life.
    No human being can develop an intact ego holding a believe, that their every action is harmful to their fellow man. The guilt is simply too corrosive and inevitably such a person will hate themselves for destroying other or hate all others for destroying their quality of life.
    I think that is why the leaders of the environmental movement tend to be both criminal and irrational. It is their only defense as, if they became honest they would have to kill themselves and if they became rational they drop environmentalism.
    greenpeace should understand that dhamra,they port is going to help poverty stricken orissa to greater extent. they should sit with tata settle the matter amically about the turtles,instead of making so much hue and cry,i want everyone to standup,and support dhamraport for the people of orissa.

  3. Olive ridley turtles are totally safe from the construction of Dhamra Port. As this port has got all the environmental clearence. Moreover Dhamra port is 25 kms. far from Gahirmatha. The Greenpeace should know that Dhamra Port doesn't harm the olive ridley turtles. But, infact stands as a backbone for the growth of Orrisa state.

  4. If we turn back to our bygone days we can perceive that, from the day one, man is all the time in the rear of inventing some new things which made him to succeed in his path, this is solely for the reason that he had tough desire of experimenting new things to get the best out of it, & his same struggle is on till today, for which Dhamra port construction is another example, and it should not stop because of any kind of obstructions.